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California Fast Fact Library

Access and download commonly used informational flyers for more information about the title & escrow process. These documents are provided as a resource only. While deemed reliable, please note that Fidelity National Title does not endorse or guarantee the content or use of any of the following documents.

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 1) What is Title Insurance
 2) Methods of Holding Title   
 3) Reasons for Title Insurance
 4) Title Obstacles
 5) Life of a Title Search    
 6) About the Statement of Information    
 7) Preliminary Title Report    
 8) Homeowner Policy    
 9) Why do You Need Title Insurance    
 10) Understanding the Importance of Title Insurance    
 11) Title and Escrow Terms    
 12) Concurrent Closings    
 13) The Homestead Explained    
 14) Easement Information    
 15) Endorsements    
 16) How to Read a Plat Map    
 17) Life of an Escrow    
 18) Steps for a Successful Escrow    
 19) What is Escrow?    
 20) Escrow Questions    
 21) Escrow Terms    
 22) Escrow Delays    
 23) Escrow Checklist for Agents    
 24) Solar Easements    
 25) Proposition 90    
 26) About Property Taxes & Impounds     
 27) Common Ways of Holding Title    
 28) Real Estate Tax Deductions    
 29) What is a 1031 Exchange?    
 30) Closing Costs - Northern CA    

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